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Brooklyn Heights Pizza

Friday, September 6th, 2013

Brooklyn Heights pizza faced a good problem to have: by making delicious pizza and providing incredible service, they began to see long lines every day and outgrew their small dining space. Expansion and renovation was necessary to retain valuable customers and satisfy their hungry stomachs.

The two iconic brick arches are clearly the most striking design characteristics, which have been designed to resemble the Brooklyn Bridge. Custom cut mirrors back these windows, and create a shrine-like encasing for their premium beverage display.  A floating ceiling hangs above the bar area, with specialized ambiance lighting, and welcomes thirsty patrons to the space like a hometown pub located in the center of the dining room. The massive maple wood bar has also been totally renovated with dark black stain and a new countertop.

The rapidly growing patronage also warranted heart-of-the-house upgrades, such as a an added hood vent, to increase kitchen capacity and decrease wait time.  Dining room improvements opened up floor space for additional seating and entertainment – every wall is adorned with large flat screens and speakers. Spiral ducts and metal cables paired with the bar’s brick wall and ambiance lighting keep the setting industrial, metropolitan and cozy. All details of the dining experience were incorporated into the planning stage, and the result is an original looking, antique feel expanded and equipped to properly service a bustling crowd.

Windows to the Soul of Central Austin Addition

Monday, April 25th, 2011

Author Maryanne Radmacher-Hershey wrote: “May your walls know joy. May every room hold laughter and every window open to great possibility.” This was definitely true at a central Austin home where a kitchen enlargement found its window to possibility. The clients envisioned a warm and inviting heart for their home (built in 1929), which we were increasing in size by approximately 180 square feet.  The new space featured custom oak cabinets throughout, a beautifully hand-crafted stone wall, Miele and Viking appliances, granite counters throughout, and oak floors that extended from the existing floors to ensure an un-noticeable transition.

But what made this kitchen truly special was a pair of windows—nearly 85 years old and original to the house. Although the windows showed their age and generations of use, we shared the belief of the homeowners that they were central to the history and essence of the project. Working closely with the client and our trusted craftsmen, we integrated them into a new window encasement—re-engineered with new stained glass inserts that were actually designed by the owners. The homeowners are art lovers and have collected art and furniture throughout their relationship. For them, everything in their home has purpose, meaning, and a story. Each furnishing and décor item not only recalls a moment in their life, but brings with it a narrative of its own. In this way, the salvaging and restoration of these windows were an example not only of historical value or aesthetics, but of remaining true to the client’s values and using our skills to uphold their vision above all else. We pride ourselves on collaborating with our clients to bring their vision to life!

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