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Proud as a Peacock

Friday, September 6th, 2013

They say that birds of a feather fly together, and with this new construction duplex (called Peacock Duplex by architect Nick Mehl) we definitely found success by being of like mind and spirit. Built from the ground up at the end of 2011 and beginning of 2012, we actually started this project by hauling away the pre-existing home to make way for a spectacular view of downtown Austin. Each side of this modern duplex is 2,000 sq. feet and is a great example of what happens when materials, design, know-how, and hard work all come together.

The units feature a mix of oak and concrete stained floors, marble countertops and a kitchen accented by granite and onyx, custom cabinets, and contemporary floating stairs with iron rails.  Double-sided fireplaces make the transition to outdoor living comfortable even in the coldest months. Screened and spacious porches tastefully extend the livable space, which we carefully waterproofed, stained, and polished. On the exterior, we chose cut limestone and for an added touch, we went with stucco and Douglas Fir for exterior accents.

The result is a comfortable, roomy, and high-design set of homes that we would proudly live in—as we would each of our projects. Peacock Duplex is proof that high-end results don’t have to cost a fortune. With the right planning and the right people, you can have a showcase quality home without breaking the bank.

Peacock Blueprint 1

Peacock Blueprint 2

We’ve got an eye for commercial spaces

Friday, September 6th, 2013

A retail build-out is when a company has leased space—typically in a strip center—and they need their unit or units customized or remodeled. When Lone Star Eye approached us in 2011 to handle their retail build-out, we knew that this up and coming optometry practice would need form and function to serve their clients while operating a successful business. This 2,500 foot space had to integrate with Lone Star Eye’s flow as a bustling business while also expressing their brand and their attitude. From the curved wall to the back office rooms, everything was rebuilt. The reception area features a stone wall and granite countertops, stained concrete floors throughout, and a friendly yet professional aesthetic to welcome their patients visit after visit.

Optometrist and owner of Lone Star Eye—Casey Packer, O.D.—said of the experience, “Jason and his team were an absolute pleasure to work with. They always answered the phone when I called and finished our build 2 weeks before the deadline! I will use him again in the future for sure.”

Lonestar Blueprint

Graywood Homes

Friday, September 6th, 2013

This house has the same floor plan and architect Nick Mehl and honestly looks exactly the same as Peacock. Onyx countertop in kitchen, double-sided fireplace, floating stairs, balcony oversees mopac greenbelt. 2011-2012; 2,200 sq. feet. Screened porch, same as duplexes. Exterior is stained yellow pine, stucco and cut limestone.


Natural Views and Hues at the Graywood Greenbelt Maison

Modern design should be inviting–not cold–and reflect the spacious beauty and purity of our natural environment. This property, a modest 2,200 sq. feet designed by architect Nick Mehl, carefully balances modern style and function without compromising comfort or luxury.

Efficient use of space is key to this design’s intrigue and luxe. Stunning, uninterrupted views of Austin’s beloved Greenbelt illuminate each room with natural light. A double-sided fireplace creates dual spaces for quiet contemplation of nature and relaxation on either side it faces–the spacious screened porch or the open, indoor living room. The kitchen features a juxtaposed island, creating the perfect setting for entertaining guests in a cozy, conversational backdrop. Stained concrete keeps a lasting impression on the first floor, and a floating staircase leads dwellers upstairs to the palatial master bedroom and balcony overlooking the Greenbelt once more. The exterior presents stained yellow pine alongside stucco and cut limestone accents for mixed impression of boldness and warmth.

Every detail of this vestal property was carefully planned, and the result exudes prideful beauty. Graywood is monument to the artful interpretation of reflecting natural elements for a lasting, comfortable, alluring residence.

Graywood Blueprint 1

Graywood Blueprint 2


Zilker Park Xanadu

Monday, April 25th, 2011

Although we truly take pride and joy in each project we undertake—every now and again, we are brought into a situation that is a playground for both our imagination and our craftsmanship. This new condo construction in Zilker Park was just that sort of project. This condo duplex was planned for two thoroughly modern residences with progressive, yet warm design. The condos each feature elegant water features and landscaped courtyards at their entrances.  Each blurs the line between indoor and outdoor spaces with an innovative use of screened porches, dual sided fireplaces, covered tiger-wood decks, and large private yards. Inside, we installed these custom oak hardwood floors that we stained to match interior doors for an incredible effect. We combined onyx and granite counters, commercial-style range, and wine coolers give the living and kitchen areas the feel of a cozy yet high-end restaurant. Up the floating stairway, we built a loft with these sleek iron rails.

Perhaps one of our favorite touches was the master spa in which we combined custom tile with a sophisticated pebble floor. Another great example of the fun we get to have on our projects is the kitchen for one of the units. We chose the onyx backsplash behind which we installed lights so as to shine through the natural translucence of that particular stone. Its at times like this when our knowledge of the materials and nuances of how to make the most of them meets the vision of our client—and often an architect or designer… these are the moments we live for!

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