Commercial Construction

VK Remodeling has extensive experience with private sector construction projects. Whether you're in need of a general contractor for a retail location, a health or private dental practice, or any other office space, we can help.

Tenant Finish Outs

Do you need an alteration or reconfiguration of your existing commercial or multifamily structure? VK Remodeling has completed dozens of successful tenant finish outs over the past ten years. If you're considering a tenant finish out, make sure to work with a licensed and experienced contractor that is familiar with city codes and ordinances and will acquire all the necessary permits on your behalf.

Restaurant Remodels

Need a new restaurant or addition to your existing restaurant? When you're starting as a new restaurant, it's always wise to start small. If you're successful, you'll soon find that you need more space to accommodate your growing customers. In some cases, if you're in the right space, you may be able to make additions like constructing new dining rooms. You may also need to expand your kitchen and storage space. VK Remodeling is familiar with the restaurant industry and the unique demands you have for restaurant construction.

Understanding the Levels of Commercial Construction

The quote for your commercial construction project depends on the scale.

Small-scale Commercial Construction

Smaller projects such as office space redesigns, structure updates, and building repairs fall into the small-scale category. If you're a business owner thinking of rebranding, opening up spaces, or adding extensions to your existing structure, you fit into this category. You can think of it as a facelift to your building or office space.

Medium-scale Commercial Construction

Over time, buildings lose the fresh look they once had. They start to break down on the outside and inside. A medium-scale commercial construction project is for a business owner looking for a building restructure, additional structures (expansions), complete remodels, and other more intensive and time-consuming projects.

Large-Scale Commercial Construction

A large-scale construction project starts from the ground up. With these projects, there is no existing structure. VK Remodeling will work with your architect to create a new structure that's based on your vision and needs.

Have Questions about a Commercial Construction Project?

Every project, whether it’s small-scale or large-scale, starts with questions. If you want to know what your options are, the cost, and time to complete a job, it all starts by contacting us. Every project is unique and requires a consultative approach. In many cases, options exist that you are not aware of. And many of those options can result in significant time and money savings. Get started by contacting us today for a free consultation.

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