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It's All in What You Don't See in Tarrytown Remodel

January 2, 2021 - 10:14 AM

Residential Remodel - Austin, TX

With a sufficient budget, a basic knowledge of tools/materials/design, and the requisite experience, any construction company with remodeling services can come in to a home and add something newer, bigger, or more modern. But a heavy-handed remodel can leave a clear indication of what’s old and what’s new. The true challenge is to use restraint along with a nuanced understanding of historical integrity and the materials to make the transitions smoother or not even noticeable. Our goal is to make the addition seem at once new and as though it was there all along.

We encounter this exact situation daily, as we did in a recent Tarrytown kitchen and guest suite remodel. Time and various changes over the years had left the home with uneven lines, hidden surprises, and a less-than perfect situation for creating seamless transitions. We did what we often do in these sort of projects: we relied on a combination of craftsmanship, determination, and intuition to marry the old with the new—and the uneven lines of the past with the crisp new elements. This project had our crew working in collaboration with an interior designer to re-imagine a kitchen as well as breakfast/desk space along with a reconfigured guest suite. We installed granite counters, custom cabinets, an intricately designed backsplash, a faux painted vent hood enclosure, all-new appliances, detailed tile design in guest bathroom shower, oak flooring added throughout.

What we succeeded in doing was not only to bring these materials and designs into harmony with one another and the adjacent surfaces, but to make the new spaces work in such a way that they can coexist with the rest of the home. Something many clients and even contractors do not take into consideration is that a clumsily executed remodel can instantly date adjoining rooms. We were able to match the look and feel of the rest of the home so that it immediately felt “right.” What’s more, we worked tirelessly to solve myriad issues so that each transition—from original wood flooring to idiosyncratic ceiling beams—flowed from room to room. It’s a certain kind of challenge that we embrace.

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