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January 6, 2021 - 9:56 PM

Custom Home Construction - Austin, TX

This house has the same floor plan and architect Nick Mehl and honestly looks exactly the same as Peacock. Onyx countertop in kitchen, double-sided fireplace, floating stairs, balcony oversees mopac greenbelt. 2011-2012; 2,200 sq. feet. Screened porch, same as duplexes. Exterior is stained yellow pine, stucco and cut limestone.

Natural Views and Hues at the Graywood Greenbelt Maison

Modern design should be inviting, not cold, and reflect the spacious beauty and purity of our natural environment. This property, a modest 2,200 sq. feet designed by architect Nick Mehl, carefully balances modern style and function without compromising comfort or luxury.

Efficient use of space is key to this design’s intrigue and luxe. Stunning, uninterrupted views of Austin’s beloved Greenbelt illuminate each room with natural light. A double-sided fireplace creates dual spaces for quiet contemplation of nature and relaxation on either side it faces... the spacious screened porch or the open, indoor living room. The kitchen features a juxtaposed island, creating the perfect setting for entertaining guests in a cozy, conversational backdrop. Stained concrete keeps a lasting impression on the first floor, and a floating staircase leads dwellers upstairs to the palatial master bedroom and balcony overlooking the Greenbelt once more. The exterior presents stained yellow pine alongside stucco and cut limestone accents for mixed impression of boldness and warmth.

Every detail of this vestal property was carefully planned, and the result exudes prideful beauty. Graywood is monument to the artful interpretation of reflecting natural elements for a lasting, comfortable, alluring residence.

Graywood Blueprint 1

Graywood Blueprint 2

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